Our Services What We Do

if you ever dreamed about an animated feature, we can deliver that to you, after putting up the production plans and pipeline, by the best marketing and planners in the middle east.we do all the visual steps, start from script studying , planning, concept art,layout design and primitive art study, 3d modeling of characters and environments, professional storyboard and layout, animation ,visual effects and dynamics, color grading and correction, music composing and vocal recording.

we also try to satisfy our clients with the best marketing solutions, to guarantee that their product has a perfect presentation , excellent delivered idea and full quality image.

we also want to go further with video games industry, we can offer game concepts and design, modeling and developing.

with this service we can design your TV channel Identity, including logo designs, breaks, beauty shots & on-air graphics. also we can do educational movies, awareness campaigns for all ages and categories.

with our programmers and technicians, we can offer to make 3d stereoscopic films, will be more fun and realistic image, you can watch the movie experiment as you one of its heros.

3D Animation

- New-Tech Media is one of the leading 3D companies in the middle east as we are always uptodate on the latest CG Techs and Tricks and we make sure all we do is entertaining for everyone

2D Amination

New Tech Media makes sure to deliver 2D Cartoons that aims toward Arab families and companies to provide best explanation for there aims

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphic are animated videos that makes use of illustration and image to give a fun creative twist to the presentation of your product - Here in New-Tech media we make sure that your idea or product will be delivered in a fun, simple and yet a very creative way

Educational Cartoons

New Tech Meida makes sure to deliver Cartoons that aims toward Arabs Children in a simple , entertaining and educational way to increase their intellect